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          Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes Group Co.,Ltd.

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          Spiral steel pipe - Dimensions and standard test pressure
          Release date:2016-11-01
          1, technology and process assurance:
              Our steel pipe production and inspection process is in accordance with the API 5L and GB / T9711-2011 standard requirements of the layout, and a higher level of the pipeline standard technical transformation, from the pipe and test equipment are two aspects With the production of high-quality transportation capacity of steel. Before the trial production of each batch of steel pipe, we strictly according to the standard process assessment, according to the assessment results, through the optimization to determine the technical parameters of steel production to ensure production of quality products. And then according to the company to develop the process to the production and testing of the various positions, set out the post of the process parameters and methods of operation to guide production. In the process of steel pipe production, we carry out strict supervision and inspection on the implementation of the process discipline, timely take corrective and preventive measures on the problems found, and carry out assessment according to the company's quality assessment system to ensure strict implementation of process discipline to ensure product quality.
          2, inspection assurance:
              I set up a full-time inspection agency, responsible for the raw materials from the factory to product storage of the whole process of quality inspection. 100% of the X-ray inspection (pipe side does not exist blind spots); 100% hydraulic test (water pressure test using end seal, the tube side blind area reduced to the end of the test, Minimum); 100% appearance inspection (including internal and external welds and base metal surface). Our laboratory is equipped with advanced testing equipment, such as the import Division Parker direct reading spectrometer, digital tensile testing machine, the product can be accurate chemical analysis of the mechanical properties of the test; on-line ultrasonic automatic flaw detection equipment and X-ray industrial testing Device, the product can be 100% non-destructive testing, water pressure test automatic recorder can ensure that each pipe in accordance with the provisions of the pressure, time pressure test and pressure. Products and the inspection process is responsible for engineers responsible for technical guidance and guidance, all the inspectors are professional and technical training, non-destructive testing of personnel holding non-destructive testing certificate. From personnel to equipment, can ensure that the product quality inspection strictly to ensure that the quality of manufactured products meet the standard requirements.
          3, the quality system to ensure:
          I actively promote the company's total quality management, according to GB / T9711-2011, ISO9001 and the American Petroleum Institute API 5L standards established quality system, from the general manager to the department heads and then to each production workers are exposed and the quality assurance system. In the company's quality manual, the management responsibilities, quality system, procurement, process control, testing and testing more than 20 projects are strictly controlled, and made it clear that each quality activities are in accordance with the prescribed procedures , Each working position in accordance with the development of the work standards. In quality management to take prevention and inspection checks the principle of combining, that is, attention to and take preventive measures to avoid problems, the problems occurred in a timely manner to respond to be corrected. The company organized a planned arrangement of personnel at all levels of technical training, quality inspection personnel, according to their education, training and assessment, according to the release of qualifications, certificates, and issued to the qualification certificate. Our company has passed GB / T19711-2011 and ISO9001 quality system certification, the implementation of a steel pipe a subpoena tracking control, so that the entire production process inspection records with good traceability.
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