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          Spiral steel pipe for pile
          Release date:2016-11-07

          Spiral steel pipe for pile
          SY / T5040-92 (pile with spiral submerged arc welded pipe)
          Mainly used for structural purposes: for piling, for the bridge; terminals, roads, building structures, marine piling and so on.
          Material Domestic commonly used spiral steel pipe material generally have: Q235A, Q235B, Q345, L245, L290, X42, X52, X60, X70, X80, 0Cr13, 1Cr17, 00Cr19Ni11, 1Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni11Nb.
          By Q195, Q215A, B, Q235A, B, C, D, Q255A, B, Q275 and other steel grade.
          Note: "Q" is the Chinese character "yu", the number is the minimum yield point (σs) of this grade, the symbol is according to the steel impurity element (sulfur, phosphorus) High to low and with the carbon and manganese elements are divided into A, B, C, D four.
          GB700-88 standard carbon structural steel Q235 according to the quality of metallurgy is divided into A, B, C, D four grades, each grade of steel containing Si 0.3%, the difference lies in the carbon content and sulfur, phosphorus content different. AB grade carbon content of 0.14% to 0.22% and 0.12% to 0.20%, CD grade carbon content of ≦ 0.18%, ≦ 0.17%, A level of the smallest amount of Mn content, D level SP minimum.

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