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          After - sales service commitment
          Release date:2016-11-01
          Dear friends:
          Sincerely thank you for your support, so that you better understand our business, strengthen our cooperation and exchanges between the work, the company now service standards presented to you, welcome your supervision and put forward their valuable comments and suggestions to facilitate our To further improve The quality of work and better serve every customer.
          First, our company will be in strict accordance with the requirements of your delivery schedule, reasonable arrangements, careful organization of production, to ensure delivery on schedule to ensure the construction needs.

          Second, the company put into operation over the past 20 years has accumulated rich experience in production management, double-sided spiral welded pipe in terms of technical strength, production technology, testing methods, and other areas are fully capable of producing high-quality products. The company will strictly process the order, according to the ISO9001 quality assurance system and the United States API certification standards, to strengthen from raw materials into the plant to the company's entire process of product control, to provide assurance.
          pre-sale service 
              Plan to visit customers, soliciting opinions
              Timely understanding of customer needs and problems
              The user's request, within the day to give the answer, can not meet the description
              The contract review will be completed within two days.
          Sale of services
              Strictly fulfill the sales contract, according to the quality of products on time
              Strictly fulfill the technical service agreement, on-time to provide technical services guidance
              Ensure the quality of service, find a problem in time to solve, the scene can not be resolved should notify the user, and reported to the competent leadership
              Due to product quality problems caused by a replacement or return, should be reported
              After-sales service
              Our company for the customer's question, the province sent the staff to the scene the same day the service, the province within three days of service personnel to resolve the scene, the sales department in a single project completed within one month after the situation reported to the competent leadership, a semi-annual feedback, and Make the appropriate user survey report, to understand the user's evaluation of the company's work.
              Service guarantee
          One, five continents products "three free" service
          Free of charge to send technical guidance
          Free of charge to provide the appropriate information
          Free training related business knowledge
          Second, five continents product telephone "three timely" service
          Timely response to users of the product performance indicators, product technology consulting
          Timely telephone guidance analysis and determine the use of the product when the various problems
          Prompt time telephone service commitment time
          Third, the quality of service users "three supervision"
          The user supervises the service personnel whether according to the commitment time in place
          The user supervises the service personnel whether to complete the task according to the service content
          The user supervises the service personnel whether prompt completes and explains clearly
          Fourth, the three service personnel are not allowed
          Not allowed to change without authorization, postponed commitment to the user's service in place time
          Not allowed to the user to diet, accommodation, transportation and other requirements
          Are not allowed to prevaricate the user beyond the service but the product of Wuzhou service work
          Fifth, reception visits "three satisfaction"
          Let the five continents contact business customer satisfaction
          Let the five continents to learn the user's satisfaction
          Let the five continents to buy products, consumer satisfaction

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